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To learn what to report please see our Storm Spotter Training Page


The club has started a Sam Houston Amateur Radio Skywarn Net. The net will meet every Thursday at 8:00pm or after the normal net if it runs long. This net will be for general discussion of the weather and Skywarn related items. The Net will also be activated anytime there is a severe storm in our area for the purpose of tracking the storm and will serve to make reports to the National Weather Service if necessary.
The net will be open to anyone wishing to participate in storm spotting/ reporting and all weather related items.

If you would like an E-mail update whenever the net is activated, Please send your E-mail address to

Any licensed amateur can start the net and be the Net Control Station (NCS) if storms are in the area and are encouraged to do so.  

The NCS will also be responsible for taking check-ins or assigning someone to assist if needed.  The linking of the repeaters will be done when someone with the codes to do so arrives on the net


The Net control station will be responsible for reporting severe weather information to the NWS or assigning someone if needed.  The NWS can be contacted per the following:


Harris Co. Skywarn   146.840 -

                                    146.920 -

                                    443.825+    (all pl 103.5)

Contact the NWS by telephone at 1-800-292-5588.

During the Net the following frequencys will be available for making reports

CLEVELAND   = 146.900 (-) 100.00    TONE N5AK    (Shark 2M machine)
CLEVELAND   = 444.650 (+) 100.00   TONE N5AK    (Shark 440 machine) ( My be linked to Wires X repeaters so check to see if active )

You can check in on any of the above repeaters during the net.

 SKYWARN is a concept developed in the early 1970s that was intended to promote a cooperative effort between the National Weather Service and communities. The emphasis of the effort is often focused on the storm spotter, A spotter is an individual that will observe and report cloud formations, hail size, rainfall amounts, wind gusts and report them to the SKYWARN coordinator who then reports the information to the National Weather Service. With this vital information the National Weather Service can help model more accurate weather and maybe even see signals of a developing tornado.

SKYWARN group will receive information from the National Weather Service and relay that information to the local community.

NOAA Weather Radio

For 24-hour weather broadcasts from the National Weather Service, tune to NOAA Weather Radio on the high-band FM frequency 

162.400 mhz
Harris, Montgomery, and western Liberty county

Call Sign Power Frequency WFO
KGG68 330 W 162.400 MHz Dickinson,TX
State County SAME
TX Brazoria 048039
TX Chambers 048071
TX Fort Bend 048157
TX Galveston 048167
TX Harris 048201
TX Liberty 048291
TX Montgomery 048339
TX Waller 048473

162.475 mhz
 Eastern Liberty county
Call Sign Power Frequency WFO
WXK28 1000 W 162.475 MHz Lake Charles,LA
State County SAME
TX Hardin 048199
TX Jasper 048241
TX Jefferson 048245
TX Newton 048351
TX Orange 048361
162.500 mhz
Cleveland area - North to Walker, San Jacinto, Trinity, and Polk county

Call Sign Power Frequency WFO
KXI55 1000 W 162.500 MHz Dickinson,TX
State County SAME
TX Houston 048225
TX Montgomery 048339
TX Polk 048373
TX San Jacinto 048407
TX Trinity 048455
TX Walker 048471

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