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This is my in house shack with a ICOM Pro 3 (now a 7600) and Alpha 87A.  The equipment to the left is my 50/60's vintage Viking Adventure transmitter and Drake 2B receiver. Those rigs bring me back to my roots and where I started in 1961. See pic of 1961 at my Novice station, We've come a log way since then...
Jeff, K5MV
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  Jeff shack pic of radios  Jeff shack pic of radios  1961 at my Novice station  Jeff Tower with Stepper 
The home made Hazer is doing it's job hoisting the 3 element SteppIR

Central command center in my study, ICOM 7600, Kenwood 2000 LE, Alpha 9500, ATR-30, Kent Key, and other goodies
Antenna's are (SteppIR DB18, Mosley TA33M 20. 15, 10)
2M and 70cm Quagi, Fan Dipole 75/40/17m (Both by N5IF) 
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  Ron shack pic of radios close up   Shot of antenna's on tower 

"The Real Deal" of N5AF, This is a older pic of sammy's shack, look for updates in the future
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  Shot of Sammy with Boat Anchors behind him  Wider shot of Sammuy and Radios 


The bottom consists of a Drake MN2000 tuner, Kenwood TS440s h/f radio, Bencher keyer. Yaesu 221R all mode 2m radio. Middle row contains h/f power supply, speaker adorned with various ID cards, redi-kilowatt memory keyer (circa 70-80s), 2 meter mobile w/power supply.  Top shelf has various certificates and pictures.  The F4U-5N Corsair was flown by the only Navy ace flying a propeller driven airplane during the Korean war.  This plane and pilot was in my outfit during the 50s.
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Pic of Clyde's Desk and Radios 


My station consist of the following:
Yaesu FTdx5000MP with a SM5000 and using TelePost's LP-Pan and SDR-IQ software
for HF and a Kenwood TS-2000.
Both rigs use HRD.
Amplifier is an Alpha 87A.
Mics are either a Heil PR-40 or a Electrovoice RE20.
All of this is routed through a Behringer MX882 Line Splitter/Mixer and a Behringer RX 1602 Mixer.
A Diamond GSZ4000 P/S, Wavenode WN-1 station monitor, Ameritron ATR-30 antenna tuner out
to a full wave 160m loop (560') at 65'.
KJ5NS Double Bazookas on 75 and 40m at 60'.
I use a Diamond GP-9 for VHF and UHF and a K5DDD 6m Loop at 50'.
On the left side I have my AOR 3000A Receiver hooked up to a Diamond Discone at 45'.
The monitor speakers are Pioneer studio monitors run through a Pioneer Amp.
Computers are a Dell Studio XPS 9100 w/ a Dell Ultra Sharp U3011 30" LCD
Monitor, Another Dell Dimension 8300 P4 w/ a Dell UltraSharp U2711 LCD Monitor.

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Dixie Land StationCommand Center1958 Telefunken  Outside Pic of Loop Antenna Alpha 87A Amp Comet GP-9 

This could be your space send photos and description to nd5t at arrl dot net

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