I do not have any formal plans on this antenna. Clyde Dominy N5IF has the plans in his head!

There were several people at my place to help with this antenna project. This was a year or

Two ago so if I forgot someone, Please forgive me.


Clyde – N5IF

Jimmy – KC5VWE

Al – N5WWS

Brenda – KB5RSH

Sam N – N5AF

Cy – W5DXE

Doug – KC5LWK

Sam W. – N5RSO

(and one or two others)


Like I said, this was about two years ago….. This page is just a “rough-draft” Plan on how to build this

I am sure that there is a step or two that I am leaving out of this…………….

Please contact Clyde for the fine detals!


This Antenna works very well. It handles 600 watts with no problems and I have talked all over the

U.S.A. with it……………….. The best thing is that you don't need a tuner when you change bands….

10 / 20 / 40 / 80 meter bands



OK, Here we go:----------------------------------------------------------------


A small drawing of the antenna:






I used 12 gauge stranded copper wire… Remember the formula for cutting a dipole

468 / freq. So if you wanted a dipole for 10m… find the center of the band that

You want to talk on… 28.5 mhz for me…. then take 468 / 28.5 = 16.7 feet (total ) … you then

Divide 16.7 by 2 for your two sides of the dipole so 16.7 / 2 = 8.35' per side…….


Be sure to leave a few inches extra for tuning………


The Center Piece:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------



The End Piece: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------



Dowel Rods -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------




There should be about 7” between the wires I put Urethane on the dowels to repel water



Jam tooth picks into the holes with the wire to keep the dowel from moving around on you….

When you are done with the tuning and adjusting then HOT GLUE all points.




Adjusting the pull string: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------




Good luck