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Jesse decided that it was time to put the TH7-DX beam back up in the air, so he hired some locals and had them dig a hole for the base.  The base is 4x4 and 5' deep.  He then had them install 18" J-Bolts for the base plate which is built from 5/16" plate and is about 24" square.  We then added tractor pins and couplings to make the hinges and everything was ready for the tower.

Jesse asked Clyde N5IF, Jeff K5MV, and for the grunt work Ron ND5T fo come over and have a tower party.

After putting the base plate down, the first section of tower was added standing straight up,

first section in the air Jesse, Ron, & Clyde bolting first section

Next the pins were removed and laid over the first section and the next 4 sections went so fast that the next picture showed the tower complete.

Finished tower looking toward the house 
 From the tilt plate side, Jesse at the end

 Hazer and antenna Next.
All above pics furnished by K5MV, so he was not in the pictures  


Building the TH7-DX
Clyde N5IF, and Al  N5WWS, went over and helped Jesse get his antenna put togeather

   Jesse loking over his antenna Jesse and Al More Jesse and AL Jesse and Clyde    The whole crew The crew and the finished pic 

TH7-DX and tower raising

Saturday, 3/12/10

Jesse KB5YC, Clyde N5IF, Ron ND5T,  mounted the winch on the tower, raised the tower, and installed the the antenna on the mast. Pictures were shot by Clyde. Click on any picture to view a larger picture

Inspector Jesse Tower laid out Tractor connected ND5T Painting the Base  Jesse at end of tower ready to help raise the tower off the stand Tower going up Going,Going,Going,  Almost straight up Jesse pushing the last bit Jesse, Tower up Removing the ropes TH7 on the mast Jesse checking out the antenna Antenna finished, still on the ground Clyde N5IF, checking SWR's Antenna on the way to the top What a beast Antenna at the top Antenna at the top #2 Pic of the Winch Pic of the Winch #2 Pic of the Winch #2 and base plate 

The entire project was about 3 days work, The final step will be mounting the coax switch and add 2m and 70cm antenna's that Clyde N5IF is building for Jesse.

The hazer allows the antenna to be raised and lowered during storms which eleminates the need for guys.
Jeff K5MV discovered that the battery jumper system sold in department stores to allow you to jump your vehicle, has enough power to raise the hazer with the antennas on them about 5-6 times between charges, this means you dont even have to run power out to your tower or mess with a seperate battery/charger system. What a deal.


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